Back home

I’m at my grandma’s house this week, I was licking ice-cream in the rapper taxi (yes, rapper) with a few backpacks stacked around, I’m pretty excited, indeed, I’m visiting grandma really often this year after I have moved to the city.

My uncle was drinking at the BBQ table, while most people put their BBQ table in the backyard, we put it at the FRONT garden, every time we hold a party (too, often, I’m sick of it) our neighbors will be like, ‘I’d better walk past them as quick as possible’.

“Hey, why are you coming here?”

Wow, what a friendly greeting

I threw myself on the sofa and help myself to find some drink before carrying all backpacks upstair, my room–in the way it should be, childish room, green painted wall full of photo frames and Barbie princess posters, three Barbie dolls are sitting on the bookshelf, they greeted me with stiff smile, I never rearrange this room, practically, it looks like a storeroom, not bedroom, My mom keep an oven inside my bedroom! while we have TWO storerooms and she keep it here?

We ordered pizza and enjoy it together (you don’t know how my grandma loves thick pizza, but I’ve bought the crispy-thin one though) After finished two pizza, I went upstair, open my laptop and start to work again, My brain piped something like, This is a vacation! This a vacation! and resist working, so a few hour later I decided to threw the towel and went downstair again for the dinner.

Today my grand-uncle visited us and leave his cat here for a day, You won’t believe how cute he is, His name is Joke (creative name?) and his fur is pure white! Awww I loooveeee it.

I will go back to my home within a week, need to continue studying! My new textbook just has been delivered, it took a month of shipping from USA to Thailand, and I can’t leave it dusty so long 🙂

How is your vacation? I hope it’s nice! Maybe you have visited China or whatnot, leave a comment share your beautiful memory.



Friends for Day Tag

Heya, my dear reader! Sorry for haven’t been on my blog for a long time! I’m busy working on my website named SGE fansite, for the school for good and evil series lover, I’m really happy to make it and I hope everyone will like it 😀 friends has nominated me to participate in this friends for days tag event by Cheila from pink for days blog, and it is absolutely amazing idea 😀

Cheila (Pink for Days) created this tag to introduce new bloggers into the blogging community, thanks so much Cheila!

“Dear bloggers, my name is Cheila and I blog over at pink for days. I would love to get to know you and your blog, so feel free to stop by and leave a link. I would be happy to read your posts and to support you in any way I could.”


• Say who create the Tag and provide a link to their blog
• Do a blog post showing your Tag;
• Add the logo to the post;
• Always thank the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and, if you like, say something positive and supportive about their blog;
• Choose 5 bloggers that you don’t know very well or that are just starting their blog;
• Go over to their blogs and read a few posts, like and comment;
• Say 3 things you love about their blogs; (3 things for each blogger);
• Those 5 bloggers are automatically nominated to do the same!
• Nominate two bloggers who have been doing this for a longer time! (you get 7 nominees). Don’t forget to let them know you’re nominated them!

My Nominees

Blogger I don’t know very well :

Normal girl blog

Her blog is really cool! Indeed she’s my friend who has nominated me to to join this Friend day tag event 😀 I love daily quotes she post–her blog made my day! Luna writes a lot of cool stuff there, especially the Magical Monday article, It is so inspirational.

Vanilla with sprinkle

I love how she writes beautiful poems and songs that blows my mind! My ultimate favourite is the post ‘You think you are right?’ her blog made me view my life with new clearer eyes! may sound dramatic, but true.

My happy corner blog

Her blog is definitely interesting and make everyone who had read it feels happy as the name of the blog! The best post for me is ‘Autumn Walk’ she has inspired me to get out around our lovely world, play with my cats, catch the squirrel (with my camera!) and be happy!

Craft and other crazy plan

So yeah, her blog has a lot of crazy but amazing plan, Her blog always full of awesome post and ideas, Indeed she made we want to crochet again after a long time, and I found the joy of crafting in her beautiful blog, I think the ‘Black and Gold Birthday Cards’ is really beautiful, I may make it in every sceme for my friends and family!

Splendor in the Lemongrass

I love the blog from the name to the article (everyone like lemongrass!), and I revisit her blog again today and found out she has wrote about the ‘Nimman’ road near my going-to-move-away house! I’m really happy that she like our city. Her writing style is so attracting and fun to read, the good blog after all!

(Maybe) Old Bloggers:

A Simple Arien

I’ve follow her blog for a long time, but yeah, Her amazing post stay the same no matter how the time past 🙂 She recommend a few interesting books and novels in her post ‘yes I disappeared again’ (I know, I know, the header said nothing about book lol) and I set my goal to read them within this year 🙂

Ink owl me

The blog full of beautiful poem and story, I still insist she should be a professional poetry and write some books! The best poem that impress me the most is ‘A push’–and I’m also going to read the story named Greenwoods too!

I hope you’ll choose some blog from the list, and maybe take a look at it–you might discover many new interesting and beautiful blog 😀

And for those who has been nominated, no pressure! You won’t need to participate if you don’t want to 😉

I really miss blog writing! Even though I’ve disappeared for a few month, now I can’t see why I ignore writing for a long time…but you should expect one or more gorgeous blog post this week!

Hope you have a great weekend!

ploypiti sign

New theme for new year

Hello and Happy new year every reader *o* How about your holiday? I wish you will have wonderful holiday at all! I’m decided to make some change in my blog.

I’m having some problem with my new theme, About widget and features so this new year I think I’d better choose a new one. I’m hesitated between Revelar and Nucleare, well at last I choose the second one 🙂 I’m planning for a lot new things for my blog, And i may update to .blog domain later.

This new year it happened to be so much change -*- And I really want to change! I spend time reading Style at Home for future home renovating (You might reading better home and garden), Finding fabulous doily pattern to crochet and trying to finish scarf before winter will end.

How do you think about this new theme? Please let me know!

Time travel

In January, This year I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Visit Temple and a ton of amazing shop, And I want to share those memories here even it’s a long, okay, very long time ago, But I love sharing photo with people, Time travel gallery!


Shops and Village are incredibly amazing here! Every inch fulfill with these little chicken!I’ve bought lucky clover pendant and native elephant table runner which is end up as fridge cover..A Baan Kang Wat Village is near the temple and there’re wonderful veggies and flowers garden, I wish nothing but wish I can take them back home, Huh? I won’t actual take ’em! I have too much plant at home at all. I agreed if you will say planting never end, once it’s planted and you watered it until it grow, You still need to be careful after it dying and plant more and more plant again and again, Hey! But It’s not bad!


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Quest for glory giveaway!

To celebrates 7 month anniversary (7 is my lucky number!) of SGE fansite, I’ve decided to hold book 4 giveaway! We’ve got tooooo many theories about the book, Do you think Nicola will attend the school for evil? My friend seriously believes that Sophie will find true love, ha ha..she MUST! Anyway, we’ll see when the book is published, but but but if you want to win it for free, this giveaway is for you! The rules is SUPER easy…


  1. Like & Share this post on any social media you have (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. etc. etc.)
  2. Comment your best memories about the school for good and evil series
  3. Like SGE fansite Facebook page >>> on the sidebar >>> but it’s optional if you don’t have Facebook


  • Only 1 winner will be chosen
  • Giveaway will last for 4 weeks
  • If no more than 5…

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Christmas poster printable

Hi my dear reader 🙂 well, I know I’m very very very too late by posting a Christmas poster printable with only 4 day-to-come holiday >o< But I just start design and make this poster this afternoon, in fact I’ve planned to do this since November but I postpone it for a week, Hope you’ll like it, don’t forget and download and print it out!

I can’t consider whether color scheme should I use, By trying putting and change color for a thousand of time I think you’ll like blue and purple more than red and green, er, just thought you already have a lot of red and green decor and this piece of paper may add some spirit of snowy holiday.

Eventually, I arrange letters ‘It is the most wonderful time of the year’ in triangle paragraph, haha, I try to make them look just like Christmas tree but they make no sense, With amazing background from freepik.

Wanna take a look with the preview? you can copy and print this image too, and it should has pretty good quality. Right click the image and print it.

My blog has white background, So you can not see the snowy landscape, I’ve made gray colored border in PDF file so it would be easier when you cut it out.


I always forgot how to insert PDF link in wordpress site, well, so let me have a few minute to search! You can download PDF link here and  And please please please download and print it 😛 and, well, My ink ran out, tomorrow I will go buy it and print it out and post in this blog, too!

Thank you! Wish you will have the most wonderful time of the year too, happy holiday to you all! don’t forget to leave comment to let me know how do you think with this printable please!

P.S.spare file, Just in case you can’t download another one above : christmas-poster-honey-lemon

Credit : Designed by starline / Freepik




Fled to a better things

One day we might found where we are, living, working, is too plain, too simple for us, and we might start thinking about moving to a better place and leaving past behind–but, people, leaving behind the past is more harder, you need more stronger heart to told yourself there’re better, greater things just under your nose, Just await there when you moving forward–If you still felt regret to what you’ve built, well, it might look regrettable but once you go there you might feel more happy and meet more success there!

Carry on to you all 🙂

Photo by Ploypiti, well, It’s me.

via Daily Prompt: Flee

Just everyday simple story…

I disappear from blogging for a week because STUDYING!!! well, I’m applying for scholarship test–it won’t be easy, required math and English skills. I spend time reading other’s blog about the scholarship and how tough the test, I’m trying to study hard and write blog in the same time 🙂 yesterday I end up making Hungry Jack’s pancake and burnt the kitchen. (just kidding LoL) The chocolate chip pancake mix are perfectly yummy. And, well, Christmas are coming and I still didn’t buy any Christmas tree (mom insist to use our pine tree) my dad asking to buy whether white or green tree, but we have snow ball glittered ornament and silver and red Raindeer figure, however we cancelled tree buying and use our tree instead, we need to save money, guys.

I start crocheting scarf, it look like half-finished–and also crochet a stack of Doily to be great gift this holiday, seem to be a lot of things to manage and done at all, what’s terrible is our 4 kitten thinking behind the fridge is the loo and, er, pooping there. So we need to move the fridge out and put litter box there instead, somehow they still wet under the fridge, don’t know cow can they get in, Sorry, I should warn you if you are dining. T^T

Anyway we need to giveaway those kitten ’cause we have three now, they daddy and mum ( LoL ) and they first generation child hahah last year my cat gave three birth and we gave two to my mom’s friend, well, well, I cried every time we gave those lovely kitten to anyone and last month she (my cat :P) gave more four birth and we are raising them, two black, one masked and one white with tiger mark, her name is Snow and she is truly adorable!

Well (I’m using to much well!), I can not find any main subject of this blog post ahaha, don’t forget to check out 25 recipe for this holiday in my blog for inspire for your Christmas dinner and party 🙂

Leave some comment, reader! because I already (or will 😛 ) comment yours.


Figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer…25 recipe for this holiday

Wanna impress your family and guest with most wonderful holiday dinner? You might have biggest Christmas tree, awesome ornament and gift plus all Christmassy things, But no, tree and tons of gift never enough, no matter how expensive or fabulous they are–You need a tableful of stuff and great desserts to fulfill your house with true smell of Christmas all night–Buy all stuff from store never a good idea, your own warm made-with-love are better anyway. Why won’t  get bake all day in your kitchen with smell of holiday around your house? And you have no need to research around because there are all you need here!

Dinner and party never be wonderful without traditional Christmas stuff–Especially your homemade one, make sure you did try some of these perfectly-selcted recipe in your kitchen this holiday! Here we have 25 must-try recipe for this holiday for you.

Tap the Blue-Green link for the recipe.

Image from

1.Warm Sticky Figgy Pudding from Is truely time-worthy, With sweet and sugary sauce perfect up with fresh figs and whiped cream makes this recipe so amazing!

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